5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Stainless Steel Jewelry

The world is moving forward at an astoundingly fast pace and so is our jewelry industry with it. The new generation of consumers, our beloved millennials, are now stepping away from traditional metals like gold and silver. Stainless steel, being a more durable and clean material has become their favorite now, giving a phenomenal rise to its demand all over the world.

Stainless Steel jewelry is gaining popularity by the day amongst women and for all the good reasons. And we all know about its plus points pertaining to how it looks and feels and how easy it is to maintain. They outweigh most of the traditional materials that have been used to date to make jewelry, and we love it! 

So, in this blog, we are going to delve a little deeper into the pros of Stainless Steel jewelry and look at the best ways to care for it. 


1) It is Sustainable 

Stainless steel is known for being non-degradable and 100% recyclable. The carbon emitted from manufacturing and processing this material is extremely low and puts a little to no burden on the environment. 

This is why stainless steel jewelry for women is so sought after because it is sturdy, sustainable, and it puts their conscious at ease knowing that it is not harming the environment. 



2) It is Safe

It is a bummer when you find out you have metal allergies and you cannot wear a lot of your jewelry pieces anymore. With Stainless Steel jewelry, that is not a problem as it is a hypoallergenic metal. A person with any skin type, normal to sensitive can wear it without any qualms or worries. 

On the Plus Side: The jewelry that BEBI’s independent women artisans manufacture are nickel-free, so if someone has a nickel allergy and they are wary of stainless steel jewelry, we got you covered. 



3) It is Durable

Because this metal does not corrode, or rust, or tarnish, the jewelry made from it lasts very long in almost perfect shape. The cost of maintaining a piece of stainless steel jewelry is very, very low, which makes everyone very very happy. So don those earrings without worrying about wearing them out.



4) It is Affordable

Manufacturing stainless steel jewelry for women incurs a lower cost in comparison to other metals and raw materials. Jewelry made from this is of high quality because of the sturdiness of this material, it gives the pieces a strong base, and it is light on the consumer’s pocket.

Beautiful, affordable jewelry, now who wouldn’t want to go for that!



5) It is Durable Versatile

Stainless steel jewelry is known for its versatility. This metal can be molded and crafted in any design and style a person wants and be customized to their needs with ease. There are a lot of different styles of stainless steel jewelry out there and we cannot get enough of it! 


So it is pretty clear that we absolutely adore stainless steel jewelry, let us now take a little peek into how to clean and handle these pieces at home. 


How to Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry?

There are some really basic things you can do to make sure your favorite piece looks shiny and perfect for a long-long time. 

Since it does not corrode or rust, it is pretty easy to clean. Gently wipe your jewelry piece with a cloth dipped in some warm water and soap. Wipe it off, leave it to dry, and voila! Your jewelry is shiny and brand new, again. 

(For extra measure, keep your jewelry in a cloth bag so it does not scratch.)

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